Zombie Movies!

I am big into Zombie movies! Big! But, I have been having debates with people on what I have thought is best. It has been a wide landscape of answers and comments. Movies like "Train To Busan," "Quarantine," and "Parasite" have all been there. "I Am Legend" rocks, too. I believe the best kind of zombie movie is one with a quality storyline, great effects, and much gore. How about you? What is the best movie? In the comments, talk about what makes a great zombie film for you. Appreciate the help so much.

When will Michael Che stop?

Last week, Michael Che made a bad rape joke about prison. The week before, it was about transphobia. Now, people are saying that Che is anti-LGBT+. Personally, I think Che needs to back off or be kicked off the show. What do you think should be done?

Impeachment Trial Party

Most people have heard of a Super Bowl Party. But, not many do an Impeachment Trial Party. Well, Jimmy Fallon spent Monday celebrating the impeachment trial. Is this a real thing or is he just making a joke? I think it is just a joke. How about you?

Why Did Fox News Drop Dobbs

Fox News Media has canceled “Lou Dobbs Tonight,” the program hosted by television’s staunchest supporter of Donald Trump and of his assertions of voter fraud in the 2020 election. Dobbs has been a staple of the network for many years, appearing twice a night on Fox Business and other shows. He will remain on contract with Fox, but will not appear on air. Why do you think the change?

Cleaning House

This year's "The Bachelor" has been quite the show. Matt James is the lucky guy who is trying to find his woman. But, in last night's episode, he kicked out Victoria who was especially toxic. Did he make the right choice? I think he did. Victoria was a bad apple. You?

Netflix Employee Ruined A Series

Nintendo was looking forward to releasing its Zelda live-action series. But, some issues happened. A Netflix employee actually spoiled it before it came out. First off, super sad. Second of all, do you think this employee got fired? I do.

Joke In Poor Taste?

SNL's Weekly Update host, Michael Che, has gotten a lot of backlash over transphobia humor. He made a joke about the military repeal that Biden was a part of to allow transgendered people back into the military. However, people did not like where he went with it. Do you think it was a problem or was it all in good fun?

John Krasinski On SNL

John Krasinski hosted SNL for its season opening 46th Season. Krasinski hit on a variety of topics from the pandemic, Star Wars, politics, and much more. I really like his performance. How about you? How would you rate his performance?

Conway In Hot Water

Twitter is not the place to put revealing photos of one's self. The same can be said for Kellyanne Conway who accidently posted a revealing photo of her daughter. But, Twitter quickly took it down. But, the 16-year-old daughter, Claudia is furious. She has actually said her mother has been physically and mentally abusive. What do you think? Is the mom actually abusive?

Spike Lee A Winner!

Spike Lee has become the 2nd Black director to become a winner. In his movie, "Da 5 Bloods," the National Board of Review believed in his film. In turn, Lee may have an even better chance to win a Oscar, which would be a shining achievement in the industry. I am wondering if you think Spike will win an Oscar for this film. There has been some backlash over the years with the Oscars being full of white winners. I hope he wins. You?