Is the Supreme Court making it harder to vote?

Some analysts are worried about many of the cases currently being settled in the supreme court. While they will not affect the outcome of this election, they may disenfranchise many voters for decades to come. These include

Wisconsin: Due to the pandemic, had extended the deadline to return mail ballots in the presidential primary by six days. But the night before the election, the Supreme Court blocked it, leaving voters only hours to obtain and return their ballots.

South Carolina: the court reinstated a witness requirement for absentee ballots, after voting had already started and weeks after the ballot instructions had been printed. At least 2,509 ballots arrived after that date and were disqualified.

Minnesota: had allowed voters to mail back their ballots up until Election Day, the supreme court overturned this. At the time, there were more than half a million ballots—all containing instructions with the previous deadline—still outstanding.

Lastly, five of the court’s justices have signed onto opinions that the Constitution gives state legislatures virtually untrammeled authority to set voting rules for federal elections, no matter how arbitrary or unreasonable.

Why is the Trump legal team doing so poorly?

Since the Election, the Trump legal team has submitted 32 law suits, and had 32 law suits thrown out. In states like Pennsylvania, when asked if the GOP had observers in the room, his lawyer replied, “well, there was a nonzero number of observers.” That case was immediately thrown out.

Trump has decided to use people like Rudy Giuliani and lawyers from other industries, none of whom are constitutional lawyers or have any experience in voting law. This fact prompted Pennsylvania U.S. District Judge Matthew Brann, to state to them, "This is simply not how the Constitution works.” Even members of the GOp are taking a stand, like Chris Christie who said this weekend, “Quite frankly, the conduct of the president’s legal team has been a national embarrassment.”

But we know Trump as having “all the best people.” We elected him because he was connected to all the greatest folks in the industry, so where are they now? Why is his legal team so terrible?

Will the Republican party split?

Georgia has just certified the election results in favor of Joseph Biden, immediately afterward a mob of Trump supporters assembled outside the state house. His supporters, goaded through the President’s tweets, were calling for Georgia governor Brian Kemp, Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, and Utah Senator Mitt Romney of being Democratic operatives. Furthermore, they said they would “put them down” and would boycott the Georgia mid-term elections.

Some news outlets are saying there will be civil war within the GOP, and could lead to a split of the between those loyal to Trump, and those loyal to the party.

What do you think?

Did dead people vote in 2020?

Earthbound42's Side

The recent election in Georgia only had a 15,000 vote difference between the two candidates, close enough that there will now be a hand recount. But, already we are seeing that there have been many incidences of voter fraud by democrats. In his article, Tucker Carlson lists out many people who were well known in their communities, who died many years ago, who all voted for Biden. And how did they do this? Because of Mail-in-Voting. Mail-in-voting is one of the biggest frauds to every be perpetrated on the American people, and is a direct result of the democratic party that is funded by George Soros. This is exactly why we need stronger voter ID laws, and should refuse to accept the results of this fraudulent election. Dead people did vote in Georgia. Sending ballots to the entire unverified voting list leads to fraud, which leads to people not trusting the system.

Saladaris's Side

These claims of voter fraud are nothing except a desperate attempt by the Trump administration and his sycophants to seed doubt in the electoral process. Doing so will further their goal of delaying and preventing a peaceful and efficient transfer of power, a staple of our continuing democracy. All of the claims of voter fraud that have been put forward thus far by the Trump team have been thrown out for a lack of evidence. Federal Judges have already thrown out two cases brought to them, one in Georgia and another in Michigan, for a complete lack of evidence. Not only did the judge throw them out, but they embarrassed them in the process. The Trump team is so desperate that they have even set-up a hotline and offered million dollar reward. They are grabbing at straws. Likewise, these claims of 4 dead people voting in Georgia have also been debunked. County officials confirmed that two of those individuals did not vote in 2020, and are looking onto the other two. Regardless, this election has been decided, in the favor of Joe Biden, and at this point there is no mathematical way that it cold go for Trump. His team needs to conceded and begin working on a smooth tradition of power. Our country is reeling from COVID, economic depression, and race tensions. . Now is not the time for Trumps narcissism.

Trump fires Mark Esper on his way out...

In "Nothing New Here News", Trump has been pretty unhinged since the election. We all know this. Supporter or not, we all knew that if he lost that he would not take it very well. After sending out multiple tweets about the election being rigged and how he will fight to get rid of the millions of illegal votes he hasn't shown proof of, he has now taken to Twitter to fire Mark Esper, who was the Defense Secretary. This seems a bit off to most, seeing as you don't normally have an outgoing President firing top officials before leaving office. Many people have stated concerns of what actions he might take on his way out. Do you believe he will wreak havoc before he leaves office?

Should we rejoin the Paris Climate Accord?

196 countries signed onto the Paris agreement in 2016 in an effort to finally take a major stand against runaway climate change. This was the first major action the UN has taken to combat climate change on a global scale since the organization recognized it was a problem in 1969. However, just a short while later president Trump overturned the agreement and pulled the US out, without any warning to our allied countries. Supporters of Trump claim that the Agreement unduly put pressure on the US to solve the world's problems, and would be too costly to our economy. Joe Biden has promised to reinstate the US into the agreement using an executive order. Do you think this is a good idea?

Should Trump recieve a pardon?

There has been talk that in order to preserve the respect of the office of the president that he should be pardoned so that the next president can get on with other tasks and not worry about prosecuting or investigating the last one. If he does not receive a pardon, he may be tried for accepting aid from a foreign government, breaking the emoluments clause, tax evasion, conspiracy, and a list of other charges. Advocates for pardons push the view that our country must heal and this is the way to ensure that there is reconciliation, and those opposed to the pardon claim the same reasons for prosecuting him. Where do you stand?

How inspirational was Kamala's speech?

The Us has just voted to elect the first female vice president. Furthermore, she is the first black person as VP, and the first Indian person as VP. Lat night she gave her acceptance speech, and many are calling it one of the most inspirational speeches for women and those of mixed ethnicities in American history. What do you think?

Have Trump supporters given up?

The president has been twitting out for his supporters to stand by and be ready for more rallies and protests, but the media is reporting that even in his own cabinet the support seems to be fading. What do you think, will his supporters continue to stand strong?

Will Trump admit defeat?

reprots are coming out that both Melania and Jared have advised President Trump to accept defeat and admit a loss. However, so far he has not done so. Do you think he will?