Caring for others, or socialism?

Lately the word socialism seems to have lost its meaning. Many use it as a sort of blanket word to mean everything bad about a government. Often it is used as a way to shut down ideas, or progress. You are either a capitalist or a socialist. But what if neither capitalism or socialism where words that were used, what is there was a new -ism? Why can't we take the things that work from multiple systems of government, and then save what worked well and threw out the rest? I mean, I think it is reasonable to expect certain industries to be socialized. Nobody wants privatized fire departments, police, prisons, etc. Why should corporations be in control of things that people need in order to survive, like water, food, and knowledge? Should these not be public goods that the government manages for the benefit of all?
I personally am sick of being called a socialist for wanting services to help everyone. I think its what rich countries should do. I know the dangers of communism, that is not what I am proposing, but can't we have a new -ism that works for the 21st century?

The Toll Of Stimulus Checks

Stimulus checks are on its way for the 3rd time. This time, it looks like $1,400 will be the number for most adults who qualify. Ultimately, though, I am wondering what this will do with the economy and taxes. Personally, I think this is bad for America moving forward. How about you?

No accountability for Stormy payments?

Early on in the Trump administration we learned about payments made to pornography star Stormy Daniels as hush money. This violated campaign laws, as candidates are required to report large sums of money like this. Trump's personal attorney, Michael Cohen apparently took out a mortgage his house to make this payment, and then went to jail for the crime he committed at his boss's request. But now, prosecutors and those in the know are saying this case is dead. That Trump will never be held accountable for it. To me, this is a failure in justice. It pretty much send the message to future presidents to do whatever they want, there will be no repercussions as there is not sense of accountability. How about you, do you agree with me or an I getting all worked up for nothing?

Bill Forging Ahead

After President Biden met with the GOP to discuss the stimulus plan, it looks like $1,400 per person will still be the number sent out to the American people. But, the limitation on net income might be lowered to help the people truly in need. Still, it does not seem like bi-partisanship is really going to be at work here. Is this going to hurt Biden's relationship with the Senate?

Homeland Security Vote Delayed

Because of weather in the D.C. area, the Senate vote for the new Homeland Security Secretary will be delayed. It was only 2-inches of snow, but this is D.C. for you. There are limited snowplows, so this is always an unusual thing. When will they get to voting? I think it will be tomorrow. What about you?

No Need For Unity

Biden is trying to rally GOP support for the COVID Relief Bill. But, some Democrats believe that Biden does not need to do that. One in particular, Senator Sanders, thinks things can pass without that support to get Americans maximum help. Is this the right way to approach things? I think people should be together. What do you think?

GOP Senators Meeting With Biden

10 Senators will be meeting with President Biden to discuss the COVID relief package that is ahead. This is a good sign for people who are looking to get more stimulus money. However, it looks like the number for household income could drop. In turn, this would mean families making over a certain amount will not be entitled to the stimulus. I think people making over $90,000 will not get the stimulus. How about you?

Should we close GITMO already?

The most expensive prison in the world is the one built 18 years ago by the US, Guantanamo Bay. Built to hold terrorist from 9/11, US tax payers have spent an estimated $161.5 million housing the suspected terrorist Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. This number boggles my mind, it is incredible that that much money could be spent on a single terrorist's incarceration. How much have we spent in total if this was just from one guy? And furthermore, doesn't it seem shady that we built a prison in Cuba, a country we seem to despise and have bad relations with? Why shouldn't we have built the prison on our own land, where journalists could see whats going on inside and tell the American people? To me this all sems like artifact of a curropt American past that we need to rectify. What do you think, is it time to close GIITMO?

Expanding Healthcare Access

President Biden is working hard to get everyone in the country better healthcare access. He signed an executive order to reverse the issues that Donald Trump presented to the country. In turn, Biden restored the "Affordable Care Act" that President Obama had signed into law years ago. Is this good for our country or will it make things worse? I am not sure at this point and would love some feedback.

Abortions Overseas

President Biden is rescinding the "Mexico City Policy." This will no longer prohibit international non-governmental organizations from getting money from the United States of America. Personally, I want to keep America's money in the pockets of Americas. Not with other internationals around the world. What do you think is the right call with this policy?