A Pollen Problem

As the end of winter turns into spring, I am starting to feel the allergies coming on. And I think it is all about pollen. Yuck. Any suggestions how to ease this problem? I have been trying to find a solution, but I have never had this problem before. Give me your thoughts in the comments please. And I added some answers that I have been thinking about. Appreciate your help.


I have been researching BODYPUMP. Have any of you heard about it? It seems to be quite the workout. Still, I am not sure if it is for me. Have any of you tired it before? I want to get swoll, but also healthy for life. Thanks for the help in this matter.

Going Gluten-Free Possibly

I have been thinking about trying some new healthy things in my life lately. One is going gluten-free. I don't know much about it. But, I do know a lot of allergies happen from gluten. From your experience, is this something I should try? Even if I don't have gluten issues? Thanks for the help and giving your feedback.

All-Natural Diet or Intermittent Fasting?

I am looking to lose about 20 pounds. I feel like I have tried a lot over the years to be more healthy. Still, the weight always comes back to haunt me. But, intermittent fasting is something that fell in my lap recently. Has anyone used it before? I would love to get some feedback on what it was like for you. Or if you think a traditional calorie count will do. I really appreciate the support!

Ok to not feel okay?

I have taken lock-down seriously. I lost my job at the start of the pandemic, and so I had nowhere to be, and stayed home for the entire month of March, never left once. Since then, I have been out more, but I stay at home for the most part. I was doing fine for the last year, but now I don't think I am doing so well. I am lethargic, uninterested in anything, have no motivation to be active, and sleep 12 hours a day. After a year of these and all the problems with the vaccine roll-out I just feel the finish line never arrives.
Am I alone? is this just a normal part of pandemic lock-downs or do you think this is something more severe that I should be seeking help for?

People Seeking Refuge In Churches

As the Biden economic plan is still not rolled out, some organizations are stepping up to help support people who are in need. Churches are one of the main support during this time. But, there is still not enough relief. Ultimately, what organization should step up to help people during the time that COVID is overwhelming people? I think churches can do more. You?

Is your drinking water safe?

Chlorine, Fluoride, Lead, bacteria, heavy metals, carcinogens, and more. These are the things that could be in your water, some are ok at low levels, and some are never ok. We have all seen the images from Flint Michigan, with brown water that is obviously not fit for human consumption. But, what about they stuff you cannot see? It makes me wonder how much of America has safe drinking water. Where you live, do you think the water is safe to drink?

Did 2020 hurt your mental wellbeing?

According to a new study, 1 in 6 Americans entered therapy for the first time. This may be due to a variety of reasons, including fear of the virus, issues with isolation/lock down, political violence, addiction, and so much more. Are you one of these people who;s mental well being has suffered this year?

Would you take an anger management class?

It seems like everyone is angry about something nowadays, and I just can't relate. Sure some things do bother me or get under my skin, but few things actually make me angry. A few years ago I was required to take an anger management class, which I personally thought was the dumbest thing ever. Anger management sounded like something for violent, aggressive, angry people. The first day I probably rolled my eyes more than once or twice because I didn't want to be there. By the end of the course, I was singing its praises, and I felt like everyone should be required to take at least one anger management course. The things I learned about myself and the ways I learned to handle many emotions have stayed with me, and I've been able to pass these tips along to my friends and family when they need it. If offered, would you take an anger management class?

What caused the fungal outbreak in the Pacific NW?

Since the 90's, there have been three outbreaks in the Pacific Northwest of the tropical fungus Cryptococcus gattii . The lethal fungus infects both humans and animals, and has had many people very worried as it is easy to catch just by going about your normal activities. Scientists think they may have figured out the cause, they say a tsunami in the 1960's, but I am no so sure. What do you think?