Did Shakespeare write his own stuff?

William Shakespeare is one of the most accomplished writers in the history of the world. But, there is a following out there that believes that he did not write any or all of his classic works. Either he paid someone or had the advantage over someone who owed him some debts. I feel like Shakespeare did write his own stuff, but it is fun to think and talk about. What do you believe about the topic?

Best Female Author

Jane Austen has always had my heart. From "Pride and Prejudice" or "Sense and Sensibility," I have a fondness in Austen's characters and story-lines. Do you agree or do you have someone else in mind? Share in the comments if you need, as well.

Who is the best male writer of all-time?

So many writers over the years have brought about comedy, tragedy, and romance within their novels. It is hard for me to pick one male author, but I would John Steinbeck is at the top. "Of Mice and Me" and "East of Eden" are some of the best classics around. Who would you say is the best male author? Add a comment if you have someone else.

How great of an author was Ernest Hemingway?

Ernest Hemingway was a writer of "The Lost Generation." He gave us classics such as "The Old Man & The Sea," "For Whom The Bell Tolls," and "The Sun Also Rises." After being gone for almost 75 years, I am starting to realize his greatness, but I am wondering how great he actually was. Do you think Hemingway was a revolutionary writer?

Are the Chargers trending up?

After the Chargers have lost multiple games in a row by a touchdown or less, the Chargers finally won a game. Sure, it was against the now 0-10 New York Jets, but let's move on from that fact. The unanswered question is if the Chargers are now trending to having more wins in their future. Thoughts?

Will Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin last?

Recently, Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin got married, after a ten-year timeline of getting to know each other. Still, many people are wondering if this celebrity marriage will hold on through thick and thin. I hope for the best with these two. How do you think things will turn out?

Best Shooting Guard of All-Time

This position in basketball might be the most impactful in the league's history. With Michael Jordan, Kobe, and Dwayne Wade, this is quite the list. Of course, for many and I am included in this, MJ is the best. He never lost an NBA Finals, and was the MVP of the Finals each and every time. Who you got?

Best Point Guard of All-Time

NBA History has had a lot of quality point guards over the years. Magic Johnson was one of the best. It was a shame that he contracted AIDS, or he probably would have every record in the book. Instead, John Stockton holds the assist and steals record, and probably will not see those records broken in his lifetime. Give me your thoughts of the best point guard if you do not see it below.

Will COVID-19 get better in West Virginia?

West Virginia is having a hard time containing the corona-virus. Currently, six counties are in the red and 14 in the orange. Also, within the last week, 91,000 people have been tested. With numbers spiking all over the country, do you think West Virginia is only going to get worse with infections?

Will college basketball survive a full season?

It was announced that the Duke Blue Devils are going to have to postpone their season opening game with Gardner-Webb next week. This begs the question if college basketball is going to make it through a full season or not. Last year, there was no champion crowned. What do you think?