St. Patrick's Day

I am not really a fan of St. Patrick's Day. But, some people get really into it. I have a friend in particular who lives and dies for the day. She loves dressing up in green, eating good food, drinking good beer, and celebrating. I would love to get a conscience of who is really for and who is really against. I think I will win, but I want to have stats to hold my argument up strong.

Needing More Trees Please

National Geographic put out an article that praised people for planting trees. But, they did say we need billions more. I don't know if I believe this or not. Can someone give me some perspective? I would love to know. Thanks for the help. I have a friend that believes this whole-heartedly. Give me some clarity!

24-Hours Of Fun

I had a friend ask me a fun question the other day and I wanted to share to get your feedback. The question is if you have 24-hours to be in one location, where would you go, who would you be with, and what would you do? I put some answers below, but I bet you have even better ones. Who knows? This may inspire some of my future trips.

Help The Bird Out

I recently had a bird hit my home window and injure itself. I thought it was dead, but it is still moving around. It just can't fly. I am not a caretaker of birds, but I feel a little helpless for the thing. What should I do? I need some advice and I don't want the thing to be out flightless for long. What are my options?

Atheism Good For Health?

For years now, I have heard if you are a religious person, then you are in better health. But, I read a recent study that is switching things up, saying that atheist are in a good health, too. The debate was that religious people would stay away from drugs, extra food consumption, etc. Then, everything was put on atheists, saying they had bad health in turn. Still, a new study says this could not be further from the truth. I have been debating a friend on this issue. They are for the atheists and health and I still don't think they are as healthy. What do you believe?

Childish or Important?

Politics have always been interesting to me. But, things do seem to be a little petty when it comes to people in office. For example, I read that a Republican Senator wanted to read the entire 628-page policy for the upcoming stimulus during session. To me, with a variety of people around the country truly struggling, this seems like a waste of time. But, how do you take this? I think my friend on the other side believes it is important to truly understand what is in this bill, so shady things do not happen. Still, couldn't they not do this on their own time?

Knowing What To Do

I have a friend who is recently married. They love being together, but each set of in-laws is a challenge in its own right. One set is overwhelming and don't give them their space. On the other hand, the other in-laws seem crazy. They are jealous that the couple don't spend time with them as much as when they were dating. I am trying to give them some advice. But, I don't really know what to say. Help!

What is politically correct?

I am going on a first date with an individual coming up. I am wondering what would be a politically correct way to day. Where should we go? What is the best way to go without being too forward and creepy? I put some things below. But, I am not very sure. If you have another idea, share away.

Should I quit my job?

Recently, my job has been majorly cutting hours. At the same time, my side pursuit of being a freelance writer has really picked up. So much so in fact that it feels like my day job is now a side pursuit, and is just taking time away from my freelancing. Should I give up and quit my job to pursue my dream full time?

Scared to be asian in today's America. . .

Although I am white, my wife and son are both of Asian heritage. They moved with me back to the US a few years ago, and despite the cold have done quite well here. My son struggled to learn English and the different US school system, but by his final year in High school has all A's and B's, and even is taking an AP class. I am so proud of them both for managing to make this change to US living for me.
But, now it seems everyday in the news there are stories about how Asians are being randomly attacked, some have even been killed. Right now my son should be choosing colleges, but instead he is scared to leave the house. I try to tell him not to worry, that I grew up here and its not as dangerous as the news makes it out, but then he just comes back with several recent news stories proving it is dangerous to be an Asian person in America during/post-COVID. What do you think, is it an overreaction or is America not welcome towards Asian people right now.