Transcription By Otter

Google Meet now has a new function. There is a transcription program by Otter. Furthermore, this is not the traditional transcription feature. Usually, there are a lot of mistakes, but you can get the idea of what people said. But, in real time, Otter can do it all. What do you think about this program? Will you use it?

Opening Two Apps At Once

The Android 12 will be in million of hands over the next half decade. And it has some amazing features to boot! Well, the Android 12 has a split screen function. With this tech, you will be able to use two apps at once. I don't think I will use it. But, will you? Share in the comments what apps you would use this technology for.

Is Kerry right about "wasted years?"

John Kerry spoke about his time fighting climate change with former President Donald Trump. From his mouth, Kerry said that he "wasted years" in the fight against climate change. In turn, the world is far, far behind. Personally, I think Kerry is right. I hope America will make up for lost time. How about you?

What bust would you want?

Biden's White House is changing from within. Biden has moved a portrait of Andrew Jackson because he has felt his presidency was marked with injustice and brutal policies. Biden also removed Winston Churchill's bust, who had his own issues with social injustice. In turn, Biden has art and busts of Rosa Parks, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Cesar Chavez. With the list above, what art would you like? If not, pick a new one and put it in the comment's section. I would like the Rosa Parks one. You?

Gorman #1 on Amazon's Bestseller List

After Amanda Gorman gave the Inauguration Day poem, it looks like she is off to bigger and better things. Currently, she is at the top of Amazon's Bestseller List. For me, I think this is only the beginning for Gorman. How about you? How far will she go? Give more thoughts on the topic. Looking forward to your comments.

Treaty With Russia

With President Biden now in office, Russia and the U.S. have signed a 5-year treaty for nuclear arms. For me, I feel safer about this proposition. How about you? Do you feel like war seems farther away because of this. Give more thoughts in the comments, if you have more to say. Thanks!

Selling The Rights

The producer of Metallica, Bob Rock, is selling the rights to more than 40 songs. The songs range from the 90s and 00s. In turn, the band and Rock himself will make loads of money I am sure. But, I am curious why they would do this. I would think holding onto your songs and making royalties for the rest of time would make more money in the long run. Do you think they made the right decision?

The Tom Holland Improvisation

A story has come out recently that blew my mind. Tom Holland, who is the Spider-Man, improvised during his audition. The audition was not by himself. It was with Robert Downey Jr. That is some serious confidence to do that. Do you think this improvisation put him over the top?

Will you get Apple's VR?

By 2022, Apple believes they will have their own VR technology for people to buy. Currently, Apple has close to 1,000 people working on the technology. But, there is concern how many Apple will sell. Projections are that they may only sell around 200,000 per year. The price tag is not out yet. But, you can bet it will be pricey. Will you get one when it comes out?

Getting Paid To Get The Vaccine

Companies like Dollar General and Trader Joe's are paying their employees to get the COVID vaccine. The payment ranges from $25 stipends, as well as time off from work. With herd immunity still a ways off, companies want to protect its works and the businesses. Personally, they do this for the flu shot. So, it seems fine to me. How about you?