Price of Food & Gas Going Up

I have been noticing the prices of gas and food are going up. This seems a little scary to me. For many Americans, it is hard because they have no money to begin with involving the pandemic. Is this the beginning of the end for America as we know it? Or are people going to get over the top? Thanks for you the help. I am a little worried if you cannot tell.

Should I get a cat in a no-pets apartment?

So, I REALLY want a cat. I feel that having one would be a huge emotional support for me during covid when social interaction isn’t normal and I’m spending a lot of time alone in my apartment. However, my apartment building doesn’t allow pets.

I am thinking about asking my doctor to approve me to have an emotional support pet. I know that my landlord can’t object or ban the cat if it’s an emotional support animal. But I like my apartment and I would like to continue living here, so I’m worried that if I get an emotional support cat my landlord might take retaliatory action like raising my rent a lot or not letting me renew my lease.

What should I do?

Space When Working From Home

I read an article about the space that you have at home makes you enjoy working from home or hating it. For me, I do not like working from home. I do believe it is the space. What do you think I could do to make the space more positive and optimistic? I have some options below, but put your own comments in if you have ideas.

Is it normal for teens stay in thier room?

Ah do I miss the days when they were young. So easy to please, happy for just about anything you do for them, always inquisitive, and always a joy to be around. But then one day something happens, they become teenagers and suddenly they are aliens. I never see my teens anymore, they come to the kitchen and bathroom, but other than that they are in their rooms. I have tried to change the behavior, but it is too much of a struggle, and I feel that I am pushing them further away.
Is this something they just grow out of, or something I should be concerned about?

Should I feel bad?

I'm a single mother of a 5-year-old boy who I absolutely adore. I'd never say that things are super easy, but honestly, I'm blessed that it's not all that bad. I really don't have many people that I trust to leave him with, and then there's corona, so outside of school we're together 24/7. We live in the south, so he's been out of school all week due to the weather, and all he wants to do is play with me. Which I get, I'm the only other person he has to interact with and even though he has toys galore, that doesn't replace playing with mommie. I feel bad though, because I really don't feel like playing ALLLLL the time. I hate telling him no, but sometimes I just don't have the energy...and I literally never get a break. In a sense, I almost feel like I'm losing myself because I work from home, there's a pandemic going on so I don't go anywhere, and I'm mommie all day every day with no break whatsoever. I love to read, but even then I feel bad because I'll just want to sit and read a book and he wants me to play with him. Should I feel bad, or are my feelings rational due to my circumstances?

Does getting a doctorate really matter?

I do not see what all the fuss is about. The only reasons for a doctorate seem to be for becoming a professor or for someone's ego. So many people seem to be interested in school, school, school, but at what cost? It will certainly be a lot of money. Maybe I have the wrong mindset. Still, this seems ridiculous to me. What about you?

Zombie Movies!

I am big into Zombie movies! Big! But, I have been having debates with people on what I have thought is best. It has been a wide landscape of answers and comments. Movies like "Train To Busan," "Quarantine," and "Parasite" have all been there. "I Am Legend" rocks, too. I believe the best kind of zombie movie is one with a quality storyline, great effects, and much gore. How about you? What is the best movie? In the comments, talk about what makes a great zombie film for you. Appreciate the help so much.

Remodel The Kitchen Or The Bathroom?

I have the money to do one of these projects, but not both. I am looking to sell my house in the next 5 years. Which project should I do first? I have read that a kitchen remodel is a game-changer for selling, but it costs more than a bathroom. Remodeling my bathroom is another option because it was the original bathroom in the house and it needs some serious upkeep. The kitchen is old, but it had a remodel before the bathroom. What should I do?

All-Natural Diet or Intermittent Fasting?

I am looking to lose about 20 pounds. I feel like I have tried a lot over the years to be more healthy. Still, the weight always comes back to haunt me. But, intermittent fasting is something that fell in my lap recently. Has anyone used it before? I would love to get some feedback on what it was like for you. Or if you think a traditional calorie count will do. I really appreciate the support!

Should students pass?

As a teacher in public education, it can be hard sometimes. COVID sure has not helped the situation. Ultimately, I want students to learn and grow. But, some districts are allowing students to pass, even if they fail this year. I think it is unethical. Maybe I don't have a lot of say. Still, what are your thoughts on situation? Should students pass? Or not?